Short Scientific Biography of

Professor Vadim Soloviev

(1925 - 1998)

Outstanding Russian nuclear theorist,

Founder of the Dubna school on nuclear structure

1) Full name: Vadim Georgievitch SOLOVIEV

2) Date of birth: October 12, 1925 (Passed away on December 2, 1998).

3) Place of birth: Russia

4) Nationality: Russian, Citizenship: Russia

5) The last institution address: Bogolyubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics,

6) Education and academic degrees:

  • 1950: Graduated from Leningrad State University, Physics Department.
  • 1956: PhD (Soviet Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Sciences).
  • 1962: Habilitatus (Soviet Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences).
  • 7) Employment record:

  • 1951-1956: researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Problem (USSR Academy of Sciences).
  • From 1956 until December 1998: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) (Dubna, Moscow).
  • 1961: Lecturer at the Department of Physics, Moscow State University and deputy chair of nuclear theory.
  • 1963: Inititated the establishment and became the head of the nuclear theory division of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (LTPH) at JINR, vice-director of the LTPH until 1987.
  • 1965: Full professor of Moscow State University.
  • 8) Main achievements and awards:

  • The first (indepently with Spartak Belyaev), who introduced the superfluid pairing correlations into nuclear theory (1958).
  • Developed a microscopic theory of vibrational excitations of complex nuclei and their interaction with quasiparticle degrees of freedom, which later became the cornerstone of his quasiparticle-phonon nuclear model.
  • 1963: second prize of JINR; 1976: first prize of JINR; 1980: first prize of JINR.
  • Author of 5 scientific monographs.
  • Silver medal "For merits to Science and Community" by the Czechoslovak Academy of Science; "Honored Scientist of Russian Federation"; many oders and medals of the JINR's member states (including the Medal of Friendship of the S.R. Vietnam); many times was the member of the Council of Nuclear Physics of European Physical Society, of the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (Italy); was the vice-deputy of the Highest Certification Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR; member of the Editorial Board of several outstanding scientific journals in Russia.
  • 9) Memberships: 
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Council on Physics and Atomic Nuclei of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Member of the JINR Scientific Technical Council;
  • Professor of the LTPH, JINR.